I am proud to announce that I will be heading up the Sidecar Industry Council "SIC" which was started by Doug Bingham "Mr. Sidecar" and other sidecar industry experts within the industry.

A new team and new board members will be established. Some of you in the industry may be privately asked to join us at the SIC If your in the industry and want to be a part of SIC, please email me at.  vonbaronmotorcycles@hotmail.com We would also like to hear from those that where part of the SIC prior.

Special thanks to Dave Tice Sr.Stan Dibben , Ben Matthews , Doug Bingham and all of those that have helped and supported me in this industry. Thank you in advance for you support, Christopher Kehl

New Website and Membership Packages coming soon, stay tuned.

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Kehl Christopher's photo.
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